What does MemphisCloud Do?

Virtualizing I.T. infrastructure to our datacenter and allowing us to manage your environment, while creating new applications to streamline your business model. 

MemphisCloud, powered by Geospace, is a company that prides itself on listening to customers, examining your current business flow, then customizing a solution to allow you to focus on your business, NOT the I.T. department. You can use your old server as an expensive doorstop, because with MemphisCloud you will no longer have to buy high dollar corporate equipment. We can customize your current business software to run over the internet therefore alleviating you the cost of servers, software, maintenance, labor, etc. The business model we have is a (SAS) Software As a Service. Simply pay a monthly subscription and you will no longer have the large expense of the big ticket items in a corporate Information Technology department. We can help maintain and grow your I.T. department at a fraction of what it would cost normally. MemphisCloud goes one step further through virtualization and alleviates the need for equipment at your office, and runs it in our cloud so you know its monitored 24×7 by our support staff.

MemphisCloud can and will save your company money while increasing productivity by streamlining your business work flow. We are one of the leading companies in the MidSouth that specializes in application development, hosting, and virtualization. We offer full turnkey solutions to drastically lower your IT costs. MemphisCloud is the backbone behind applications that are in hospitals/clinics, schools, restaurants, and local government . Please contact us so we can show you how you can alleviate the headache of keeping up with Information Technology.